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When asking, “What is a car accident case worth?” the answer includes everything it would take to make up for what you’ve lost. Medical care for car accident injuries is expensive. Lost pay while you cannot work is an additional cost.

In the car accident info center, we can’t provide a precise answer to this question. Every case is different. An attorney can estimate the damages you could receive.

Initial Medical Expenses

If you’ve fully recovered from injuries, it’s possible to come up with a definite sum for medical costs. Medical billing records will tell the full story. It is important to include all the bills, from emergency services right after the accident to hospital inpatient care, and on to any aftercare.personal injury law

Besides the hospital bills, doctors typically submit their own bills. For example, the cost of a CAT scan that the hospital bills for is amplified by fees from the radiologist who reviews the scan results. Surgeons and other physicians who practice in the hospital may also bill separately. More on this website @

The cost of items like prescription drugs, crutches, mobility devices, and personal care attendants should be added to the list of medical expenses.

Extended Care And Wrongful Death Injury Costs

If a person is disabled as a result of a motor vehicle accident, medical costs could stretch forward indefinitely into the future, but a lawsuit to recover costs happens now. It will be necessary to determine an amount of money to cover future care. Actuarial guidelines based on similar kinds of injuries can be used, and an award can be structured to pay medical bills over a lifetime.

If the case is a wrongful death case, all the medical bills for the person who died are reimbursable, along with funeral and burial costs.

Wage Loss Also Figures Into What A Car Accident Case Is Worth

Motor vehicle accident damages usually replace wages lost due to injuries. When it is impossible to return to the career an injured person had previously, there should be payment for training in a different line of work. If the accident results in total disability and inability to work at all, lost wages over the expected lifetime of employment should be repaid.

In a wrongful death case, the court will award relatives for the amount the fatally injured person would have contributed to them. That can include what the person would have put into investments that would have been a part of the deceased person’s estate, as well as future lifetime earnings.

Pain And Suffering

An injured person often receives a financial award for the pain and suffering the accident caused. There’s no billing statement to look at to determine how much money will compensate you for the emotional anguish and pain you may have endured because of someone’s negligence.

However, it is possible to look at what amounts have been awarded for pain and suffering in comparable cases. You’ll need a lawyer to ensure a thorough review and to come up with a realistic amount to ask for to cover pain and suffering. Pain and suffering awards can be surprisingly large.

Wrongful death damages can include a pain and suffering amount for what the person who died went through before succumbing to injuries.
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